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Keeping up with preventive visits to our Delavan dental office can help you and your loved ones enjoy healthy, beautiful smiles throughout your lives. At The Dentist: Family Dentistry & Orthodontics, we utilize the most advanced technology and methods to halt the onset and progress of conditions that may adversely affect your oral health. We provide personalized attention and state-of-the-art care at every checkup, helping you and your family feel most at ease.

A sticky film called plaque, which gathers continuously in your mouth and harbors harmful bacteria that feed on sugar, causes tooth decay and gum disease. While the acids that these bacteria produce lead to cavities, plaque that accumulates below the gum line infects and inflames the tissues supporting the teeth, causing periodontal disease. To protect your teeth against the detrimental effects of plaque, it’s important to brush and floss daily, limit your intake of sugary foods and beverages and visit our Delavan dental office twice a year for a comprehensive checkup exam to assess your oral health and a professional teeth cleaning. During your cleaning, we thoroughly remove any plaque buildup, tartar and debris from the most difficult to reach areas between your teeth and gums as well as guide you on techniques you can use at home to brush and floss more effectively. For our pediatric patients, we can provide fluoride treatments and dental sealants, which offer an added layer of protection against tooth decay. The American Association of Orthodontists also recommends an orthodontic evaluation for children by the time they are seven years of age. Our orthodontist will evaluate the alignment and occlusion of your child’s teeth and bite to determine if orthodontic treatment is needed.

At The Dentist: Family Dentistry & Orthodontics, our goal is to help you and your family maintain excellent oral health throughout your lives. Our Delavan dental office makes every checkup a positive, stress-free experience. To learn more or to schedule a checkup, call today.

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